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Wednesday 13 November 2013

chez line in copenhagen

I just have to tell you about the instagram account of Line Dahy Ernst in Copenhagen.
Well, I think these pictures of her a m a z i n g home in my favourite city Copenhagen speak for themselves..

The windows and the raw walls..

..and the floor..

..and of course her perfect sense of style.

pics: with permission from Line Dahy Ernst

I even love the view from the windows! :) That brick wall. Does it get any better than this!?

Check out more of Line's pics on instagram - _linedahyernst


  1. Replies
    1. Very you, minus de romantiska snittblommorna, då.:)

  2. Replies
    1. I know.. I want to live there, and in Copenhagen, too..

  3. Her home is amazing, I always love when she posts photos of it.

    1. Check out @thomashoedholt as well then, he lives in the same apartment! :)


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