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Wednesday 29 February 2012

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a former garage in camden

Amazing staircase made from a single ribbon of cold, rolled steel with the perfect patina of rust. 
It has hard to imagine that this once was a garage, now a beautiful home in the heart of Camden, London.

Have a nice Wednesday everybody!

pics: Sophia Evans

Tuesday 28 February 2012

nyc the danish way

Another great Danish home, this time combining the best of a raw industrial New York look with contemporary Danish design. Lovely double doors, ceilings decorated with stucco but with open spaces and a rough chimney in the middle giving you that New York feeling.

Remember my lamp problem the other day? Well, I´d almost decided on the Lampe Gras, as someone with a very good taste stated in the commentary field, it does have a little more attitude than the Bestlite. However, the Bestlite looks good this way, next to a window, just like I need a lamp in our kitchen. Back to square one.

Beautiful working space/dining area..

Nice hallway with the perfect old rug.
pics: Wotkjær og Kattrup via Femina.dk

And I am so into Hay's boxes in transparent plexiglass (both the Curiosity box as in this hallway, but also the Display me box). Wishlist..

perfectly balanced

I saw these images over at Desire to Inspire this morning, and I had to grab them, too. Isn't this just perfectly balanced!?

Many favourites of mine, like the Eames chairs that we have in our house. However, we only have four of them, and I don't think we will go for more, because they are just all over the place these days. Right now ours are just mixed with some old chairs, but this combo, with the Y-chair and a white table looks great, I think..

pics: Bieke Claessens via Desire to Inspire

The pictures are all by Belgian photographer Bieke Claessens, who has a beautiful portpolio, that you really should check out.

Now I will make a long to-do list for my home, instead of spending time by the computer. I have some pretty posters that need to get framed, among many other things. Maybe today.

Have a nice Tuesday

Sunday 26 February 2012

bestlite vs lampe gras

Today I am thinking of whether a Bestlite or a Lampe Gras would look better in our kitchen, on the wall next to one of the windows. I like a Bestlite black, and I know I won't get tired of it, since I already have one and love it..

However, I really like the Lampe Gras, and just because I have a Bestlite already, it would be nice with something else. 
The Lampe Gras comes in black or chrome and I like them both..

pics: via Artilleriet

What do you think!?

Saturday 25 February 2012


Chanel's new colour June did fly in from Switzerland for Valentine's day the other week. 

pics: seventeendoors

 Now hanging out with the friends in my bedroom..

Have a great Saturday!

Friday 24 February 2012

a dress for a princess

En riktigt fin prinsessklänning som fick följa med hem när underbara LIVLY hade invigning av sin butik förra veckan, hänger nu här och väntar på att få användas. Vad tror ni förresten om den helrosa klänningen med lilla volangen fram så där lite lagom matchigt till lillasyster? Och ett par skor i cerise, skulle ju inte vara helt fel heller.
När vi ändå är inne på prinsessor, vill jag passa på att hälsa lilla kronprinsessan Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary Bernadotte välkommen till oss. Så liten men ändå med så mycket ansvar på dina axlar.

pics: 1,2, 4 seventeendoors, 3 via Ica Carlsson

Kika in hos Ida och Gingerbreadhouse för mer bilder från Livly:s vackra butik. 
Tusen tack till Livly och Sanna & Ida!

Have a lovely Friday everybody!

Thursday 23 February 2012

dark walls on my mind

Jag vet att det kanske börjar bli tjatigt, men jag gillar verkligen mörkgrå väggar, speciellt i en sekelskiftesmiljö, som här. Ni vet hur det är när man fått något på hjärnan, då ser man det överallt. Och just nu är det mörkgrått och pastellrosa som jag skulle vilja måla upp ett par väggar med här hemma.

Förra veckan när jag körde en inspirationsrunda på stan, var det mycket grått och pastellrosa på väggarna i butikerna, t.ex. hos favoriten Asplund.

pics: Frederrike Heiberg

I see dark grey and pink pastels everywhere these days, and I just wish I was brave enough to paint a couple of walls in my house..but I know I will get tired of it, the minute I do it..

a trolley

 I really wish I had some space for a little trolley in my kitchen..

..or in the living room for bottles and coctail decators..

..but there are not enough walls here, with all these 17 doors..

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday 22 February 2012


I like these pictures from Norwegian photographer Siren Lauvdal. I can't hold myself away from a Mark Eden Schooley lamp much longer, and I must admit that I am a sucker for pink interior details..

The colour of that chair goes just perfectly with my new bracelet :)

pics: Siren Lauvdal via Desire to Inspire

Such a serene place to sleep at. Sweet dreams!

Tuesday 21 February 2012

frida kahlo inspired

I love Swedish singer Jessica Folcker's house just outside Stockholm, once made as a summer house by architect Tore Axén for himself and his family. Today Jessica and her husband interior architect Daniel Heckscher have elegantly updated it, but managed to keep the original atmosphere of the house.

You can read more about the house and the renovation of it here.

pics: Carl Dahlstedt