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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

a former garage in camden

Amazing staircase made from a single ribbon of cold, rolled steel with the perfect patina of rust. 
It has hard to imagine that this once was a garage, now a beautiful home in the heart of Camden, London.

Have a nice Wednesday everybody!

pics: Sophia Evans


  1. Underbart - så duktiga människor kan vara på att förvandla fult till fint! :-)

  2. Wow this is beautiful... they have done great work! It's a very "I like" place :-)

  3. What a lovely blog!! Glad I've found it - although I don't understand the texts, but the visual appearance is more than charming to my eyes:-) Cheers from Germany, Igor.

    1. Thank you, Igor, and you should try the "Translate feature" on the upper right hand sida of the page! :)

  4. Du gir næring til innredningdrømmer med slike herlige innlegg:)
    Nydelig er det! Likte godt spisebordet på de siste bildene, så robust og enkelt.

    God onsdag kjære deg!



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