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Saturday 10 March 2012

in norwegian elle decoration

Something that really bugs me is that you can't buy Norwegian Elle Decoration in Stockholm. At least I haven't been able to find it, and I have been looking a lot. I've picked it up a few times at Kastrup Airport, and I really like it. And from the latest issue (March 2012), I would like to rip out the pages of ceramic designer Silje Aune Eriksen's home, that has been just about everywhere in blogland this last week. Now, finally, also here, because her home inspires me in so many ways: First of all I like the whole colour palette in black, white, grey and wood with the additional neon touches..

..then her own collection of ceramics. I want those porcelaine muffin holders.
Love them! 
Great kitchen, I like the simple tiles, the grey shades and check out the details, like the owl, the squirrel and the little trees in wood! You can look at every picture over and over and discover new details..

That kitchen floor! Tomorrow we are going to look at a potential little summer house, and a floor like this would be great in that house. Also the choice of lamps, that I love.
pic: Trine Thorsen
 Styling: Kirsten Visdal      Photography: Trine Thorsen


  1. Men finns den inte på Sky Citys pressbyrå?

    1. Det har jag inte tänkt på! Sen har jag ju inte vägarna förbi där dagligen, som vissa andra.. :)
      Hoppas allt är bra!

  2. Hei, jeg kan kjøpe bladet og sende det til deg om du vil...
    Send meg en mail på KROnPRINSESSENE@gmail.com i så fall ;)
    NYDELIG hjem i det bladet ja!
    Klem May Helen

    1. Men guuud så snällt! Jag kanske gör det :)
      Ha en fin fortsatt helg!

  3. Hi Ulrika, we can't get it in Finland either, but I subscribe to it directly from Norway, highly recommend it!

  4. wow. så härliga bilder!
    Känslan är härlig när jag går igenom dom!

    Tack för det :)


    Ida & Nike

  5. Så underbar den stora vita lampan var, fantastisk!

  6. Nice color choice


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