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Wednesday 7 March 2012

bathroom inspiration

As my parents are about to build a new bathroom in their summer house, I thought I try to inspire them a little. We don't really have the same taste, as they are into a very clean and modern look, whereas I want something more genuine and what I consider classic, especially in a summer house.
Who would not like a fireplace next to the bathtub!? Imagine this room with many candles, in different sizes, lit on the mantelpiece. And I like that shower corner, the tiles on the wall and the grey paint. I am also all into black tubs right now.

Very practical and nicelooking with a whole bench like this, as it gives you lots of storage, and I like the mirror and I love the marble, of course. This is from Swedish Kvänum, and they have really nice bathrooms and kitchens.

Simple and classic, and another black tub.. Nice style for a summer house.
pics: via 1 Sanctuary, 2 House of Philia, 3-4 Design Crisis, 5 unknown?

This last image is my favourite, I love all about it!

I hope you liked these bathrooms, as well!?


  1. Vilka supersnygga badrum....älskar plankan över badkaret. Kram

  2. Really beautifull pictures, they are very inspiring.


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