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Monday 26 December 2011

in desire to inspire´s reading guide!

I just discovered that 17doors is in the lovely Desire to Inspire´s Reading Guide 2011 today. Thank you so much for including me in your guide! Of course I would also like to take the opportunity to welcome new readers from all around to my little corner of the world. I hope you will enjoy yourselves and I love it when you leave a little note before you go.. :)

17doors is all about inspiration and it is my ambition that coming here for a few minutes should feel like browsing through a glossy magazine.. I do show a lot of different interior styles here, the only criteria as to if it should be published, is that I do have to like it myself. With that said, it might not necessarily be a style that I would decorate my own home with. 

pics: via Desire to Inspire
I have been planning to write a recap in English to the posts for some time, as I can read from the stats that there are already many readers from distant wonderful places like Brazil and Argentina. It is so thrilling to me here in Scandinavia that you follow 17doors, and I wonder so who you are..
I hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays!


  1. I'm so happy to be here. Happy new year to you.

  2. I love your blog! I am Danish, but live in Canada. Your pictures are inspirational. I must admit I am addicted to design blogs, but only a select few are my favorites! Happy New Year!!


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